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M. K. Čiurlionio g. 19 Vilnius +370 644 77447
Amicus Dentis | Anželika Valiukevičienė

Anželika Valiukevičienė

Dental assistant

Anželika has all the best qualities of a dental assistant. She is attentive, thorough and responsible. Anželika always liked this profession, so she appreciates her job. While assisting for paediatric dentists, she welcomes every patient with a smile.


2014: Healthcare education and specialization centre, professional qualification of dental assistant.

1993–1995: Vilniaus prekybininkų school.

1981–1992: Vilnius 26th secondary school.

Professional practice and experience

2015–2016: dental clinic Dalecija.

Since 2016: V. Tamošiūnas and J. Jakutienė dental clinic Amicus Dentis.


Anželika regularly attends various seminars.