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Amicus Dentis | Vytautas Tamošiūnas

Vytautas Tamošiūnas

General dental practitioner (implants, prosthetics)

Vytautas is an advocate of preventive dentistry. He believes that experience acquired abroad can be successfully applied in Lithuania. According to Vytautas, in the near future, patients will visit dentists only for prophylaxis, and children will grow up having completely healthy teeth.


2004–2009: postgraduate studies, Manchester University. Work subject: “Decision Analysis in the Management of Carious Deciduous Teeth.”

2001–2004: postgraduate studies, Vilnius university Žalgirio clinic. Secondary residency. During studies concentrated on preventive dentistry, selection and successful application of preventive measures and evaluation of individual risk factors.

1995–2000: Kaunas Medical university, Faculty of Dentistry.

1990–1995: Saulės secondary school, Kaunas.

Professional practice and experience

2002–2004: editor-in-chief, dental journal Stominfo.

2001–2003: general dental practitioner, Ministry of Internal Affairs, II regiment.

2003–2004: E. Mileris’ dental clinic.

2004–2008: general dental practitioner in Great Britain.

2008–2010: owner, general dental practitioner, Walton Hall Dental Practice dental clinic, Liverpool.

Since 2010: V. Tamošiūnas and J. Jakutienė dental clinic Amicus Dentis.


Since 2004: member of the Lithuanian Dental Chamber.

Since 2004: member of the British General Dental Council.

Since 2008: member of the British Dental Association.

Since 2010: member of the International Association for Dental Research.


V. Tamošiūnas regularly attends seminars and conferences in Lithuania and abroad. Each year he devotes at least 50 hrs to professional development. V. Tamošiūnas follows scientific innovations, subscribes to BDJ (British Dental Journal) and JDR (Journal of Dental Research).