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Amicus Dentis | Testimonials

I had no idea dentistry was so advanced. I had been anxious to visit dentists since childhood, so I delayed getting treatment until the condition became very bad. I was advised getting treatment under sedation – it was the discovery of my lifetime :)

Jolanta K.

I will only come back when I need help of a team of professionals. Good luck to you all!


Thank you for encouraging to try out tooth whitening. After I had my braces removed, I was not completely satisfied with the looks, but after tooth whitening the results exceeded all expectations.


When I visit for the holidays I always visit dr. Vytautas and I would like to thank him for advice and encouragement – I have fewer and fewer troubles with my teeth as a result.
Happy holidays to the whole collective :)


We are very thankful for quickly responding to our request for our child's tooth treatment under general anaesthesia. Everything was set up in one day and all nine teeth were treated during the same visit. We would like to thank the whole staff again.


I live abroad, so I am very glad I've discovered Amicus Dentis clinic where I can get everything done in one place and within a short timeframe. Great staff, excellent service!

Audronė J.

I thank dr. Vytautas for quickly and expertly inserted implants. The final result brings me joy every day, now that I am able to finally enjoy food.

Jonas K.

I would like to thank doctor Justina for a pleasant reception and solid advice, also the administrators for pleasant service. I wish this clinic long years and no unpleasant patients. Thank you for everything. The best of luck to the whole clinic.

Gintarė M.

I am grateful to the dental hygienist Brigita for encouraging me to take better care of my teeth.


I finally have the smile I dreamt about since adolescence. Thank you, doctor Justina, for meticulous and impeccable work.

Irmina J.

Sincere thank to doctor Brigita Z. for great work with children. After visiting this doctor we are no longer anxious about visiting the dentist.

Lukas' mom Giedrė

Probably like every other person, I delayed getting my wisdom tooth removed, but after talking to surgeon Raimundas I finally decided to get it done! Finally I no longer suffer the pain of wisdom teeth!! He is a great doctor, he performed everything quickly and painlessly. I highly recommend getting teeth removed by this surgeon.


It is always a good experience to come back to this clinic, where smiling administrators welcome you, offer you tea or coffee, and all anxiety goes away.


I would like to thank the dental hygienist Brigita for excellent and gentle tooth cleaning. It is always pleasant to come back to a doctor who always welcomes with a smile and good mood!!
Thank you!


 I always thought I would never be able to smile confidently, I always wanted to hide my front teeth; you have no idea how happy I am with such nice looking teeth.

Virginijus M.

 I am glad I got all information I wanted about tooth whitening, I cannot wait for the results. Good luck to you all!


 I would like to thank for thorough consultations and for answering all my questions.

Rolandas P.

 I was amazed how doctor Lina works with children, my daughter was happy even after getting a milk tooth removed. Thank you so much.

Estėjas's mom

Ačiū už draugiškas šypsenas, visada smagu sugrįžti.


 I was very anxious about getting my wisdom teeth removed, but they were taken out very quickly – a clear sign of a competent team.

Silva K.

 For the first time in my life I felt no pain while getting my teeth treated, sincere thanks; I will no longer be anxious and will only visit your clinic.


I am very satisfied.


 I am deeply grateful for naturally-looking tooth fillings, not like the ones I had done in other clinics.

Vida R.

Hello, thank you for excellent dental diagnosis.
I am very glad there is every X-ray machine in the clinic, so I do not have to go to other clinics.


It is a wonderful clinic with a great team. As I chose you for the comments online, on the first visit I was a bit anxious, but I have no regrets. The people working here are great specialists of their fields. I heartily recommend doctor J. Jakutienė who has done an outstanding job.

Rita Z.

The clinic is really great. The service is top-notch. The doctors are true professionals. They are attentive, caring and warm. I am very thankful for everyone's care, especially doctor Vytautas. By the way, I liked that patients are addressed by their name. It's a small detail, but psychologically it's important. I will not look for a dental clinic, I've found mine. I wish you success and many patients.


I am very pleased with the services, the comprehensive consultation, care, attentivenes and the general quality of service. I would gladly recommend you to my friends and relatives.


These are great doctors! The service is warm, the patient gets a lot of attention. I'm grateful to doctor Vytautas for my treated teeth! I'm also grateful to the hygienist and the anaesthesiologist Virginijus! Since childhood I've had a fear of all dental procedures. In this clinic, doctors took that into account even when checking the teeth. Intravenous sedation is a great solution for those who are anxious about the procedures and do not want to remember the process. I recommend this clinic! I will gladly visit regularly for check-ups. :) I am glad I discovered you!

Lina B.

The staff are pleasant, the young doctors work with the newest technologies, they are true specialists of their fields. I received a lot of advice, the procedures and their aim was explained very clearly. The work was done perfectly.

Deividas B.

Thanks to Amicus Dentis clinic in Ciurlionio street. I would like to say many thanks to all dentist and all staff. Thanks for good service! Thanks!

Diana Golubecka (Latvia)

I had a pleasant time at the clinic, I felt understood, all staff were very respectful. Since I had had a negative experience in the past, I chose very carefully where I wanted to be treated, and Amicus Dentis clinic filled my expectations. Doctor Jakutienė was engaged to find the best solution, she listened to my needs and offered the aesthetic solutions, which was very important to me.

Rūta K.

I wanted to change the way my gums look for a while, I felt discomfort and was hesitant to smile a full smile. At Amicus Dentis clinic I got laser gum correction, which was performed wonderfully. During the operation there was no pain, I was only a bit anxious. After the operation there was some pain, but it was not severe. There was some bleeding when brushing teeth. Healing took about a week until there was no pain. Now I feel great, I can smile widely without thinking about my gums being irregular. I am grateful to doctor Justina for being so attentive and lovely. :)

A patient

A huge thank you for making a dream come true to have an attractive smile. I am very satisfied. Your clinic is wonderful, the doctors are great and professional, I am absolutely satisfied with everything! From now on, only thanks to you, I am no longer afraid of dentists and their services. Thank you for that!


I would like to thank doctor Lina Džiaugytė. She changed my child's view of dental treatment. Visits to your clinic do not cause stress or fear. We are grateful to your clinic.


I started getting treatment at this clinic, and currently my daughter is getting treated. I have only the best things to say about doctors Lina and Justina. They are very professional and caring, one can always expect advice and information. Thank you for looking after our teeth!
Good luck with your work.


The clinic environment is pleasant, the doctors are professional and caring - I am glad I am treated here.


I had been searching for a while where to get my teeth treated. After a recommendation from a friend, I had decided to visit your clinic. The services are provided in a professional manner, using modern technology, the collective is sincere.


I was very afraid of getting my wisdom teeth out. I had heart many unpleasant stories about it. I am very thankful to surgeon Raimundas for a well-done procedure, proper anaesthesia and care.


This clinic has a great team. The doctors are professional, administrators are caring and attentive. It is always good to come back, even if procedures are not the most pleasant :)


Your clinic made a good impression. On my first visit I understood what a good dentist was. The assistants and administrators are warm and caring. Thank you, I will definitely recommend you to my friends.


I want to thank the whole team for great quality work and warm attention.


For a long time I was self-conscious about my unattractive teeth. After several visits to your clinic all that has changed. I want to say thank you to doctor Justina, endodontist Raimonda and the whole team for great and pleasant service. I have what I have dreamt about a long time, beautiful and healthy teeth.


A sincere thanks to oral hygienist Brigita for a thorough cleaning, advice and attention. Good luck with your work!


I am thankful to the whole collective for my beautiful smile :). Good luck with your work!


I want to thank doctor Vytautas Tamošiūnas for the ability to smile more. :)


I am satisfied with the professional work of the doctors. Thank you for advice and pleasant service.


A great clinic and great doctors. Thanks to everyone. I'm especially happy with my white teeth, thanks to doctor Brigita Šinkūnienė :) I want to thank her for the great mood and professional work!

Jurgita G.

Great clinic! Excellent staff and doctors. I used to be afraid of people in white gowns, who work in your mouth, but now I am not afraid to open my mouth and show my wonderful white teeth to doctors of Amicus Dentis, especially doctor Justina Jakutienė.

Romualdas M.

A professional clinic with a great collective! I am very grateful for a brilliant smile. I will recommend you to all my friends! Good luck to you all!


I am very happy to have chosen the Six Month Smiles treatment. It was painless, quick and effective. Before treatment, I was reluctant to smile, I was not satisfied with my crooked teeth, but after placing braces, the effects became visible very quickly and I was happy to see changes every morning.


It is convenient and fast to sign up for a visit. I am happy with the staff, the team works great and cooperates. During treatment I felt comfortable. Everything is great, I doubt anyone could do any better!


My relatives signed me up to the clinic, I have found all information on the website. Registration is fast and convenient, though it would be useful, if there were visits available after 5 PM. I am very happy with treatment results and the work of the staff!


I am very satisfied and happy with the results. It is very convenient to book a visit both by phone and e-mail, administrators schedule appointments very quickly. Staff works as a team by helping each other, and spend a lot of their own time to answer any questions. The clinic was recommended by a colleague, I have found more information on the website, where everything is explained clearly and in detail.

Kristina Š.

I am very happy with treatment results, the environment is calm and cosy. Doctors explained information very clearly. I discovered the clinic online, where information is presented clearly. There could be more information, news or case results, e.g. on Facebook.


I discovered the clinic online, read a lot of positive comments and decided to visit. I had not been to a dentist for some 13 years and was surprised how everything has changed. I am very satisfied with work results, I did not expect it to be so good. Doctor Justina tried to explain everything very clearly, so that I understood. Great clinic, wonderful doctors, great staff, I will definitely come back.


We could not decide for a long time where to treat our little girl. Colleagues recommended doctor Ieva. She did not disappoint, the doctor is lovely and quickly found common ground with our daughter. So far we have no trouble visiting for consultations.


Very pleasant service, both from doctors and staff. The clinic is pleasant and cosy. Smiling staff welcome you the moment you pass the door, it gives comfort and confidence. You have my thanks, I am glad I have found you.


I want to say a huge thank you to doctor Justina for detailed information about the treatment procedure. I am fascinated by treatment methods and attention to patient's needs.


Thank you to paediatric dentist Ieva. She always greets us with a smile, is very communicable and encourages my boys. Children are always happy to come back for a visit.


I am a constant patient in the Amicus Dentis clinic. I am always welcomed with a smile and great service. I appreciate the clinic taking care of their patients – I always receive reminders for a prophylactic visit or oral hygiene visit. Huge thanks to the whole staff! Good luck!


I have found your clinic only. I booked the first appointment by phone, the administrator was helpful to explain everything clearly and referred me to the right specialist. I am very happy with the work of the clinic and the treatment result. I highly recommend getting treatment here.


I was not happy with my smile, because my front teeth were uneven (pretty badly), I was reluctant to smile. During the consultation at Amicus Dentis clinic, doctor Justina offered the most acceptable treatment called Six Month Smiles. It was acceptable, as it is not as long as regular treatment using braces. I did not experience a lot of discomfort during treatment, although it took some getting used to the braces, but the adaptation period was quite short, and the braces were not very apparent. I am very grateful to doctor Justina and her assistant Žaneta and the staff for great service. I am very happy with the result, as now I can smile confidently.


I had no reservations about smiling, but I realised my teeth were not straight, not ideal, and I wanted teeth I would be glad to show. Six Month Smiles treatment process was not painful, I think 5 months is not a lot. Doctor Justina did her job very meticulously, gently and responsibly. I am very satisfied with my smile, now I can smile really widely. I am satisfied in every way, 10/10. I recommend this procedure.


I had cosmetic fillings performed at the clinic. I was fascinated with precision and responsibility of Justina Jakutienė's work. The procedure was completely painless, I felt relaxed in the chair and almost fell asleep. I am very grateful for the ability to smile and not be embarrassed by my appearance.

Raimondas S.

I am very grateful to doctor Vytautas for painless treatment and implantation. I am very happy with your quality work and helping to decide on implant treatment. I can enjoy healthy and good-looking teeth.


Great clinic, pleasant service. I am thankful to oral hygienist Brigita for a detailed explanation how to take care of my teeth.

Agnė Š.

I want to thank doctor Justina for a beautiful smile which you gave me, for diligent and pleasant service. I have waited 20 years for teeth this good.


I will definitely recommend your dental services to friends and colleagues.

Rasa R.

I have always dreamt about teeth like mine are now. I am very meticulous, and here I have found what I was looking for.

Albertas R.

I have never dreamt I could have such a beautiful smile. I also could not have imagined I could relax and sit calmly in a dental chair. Huge thanks to the whole Amicus Dentis collective.


I am very happy with my new smile. I get a lot of compliments from others For that I am very grateful to doctor Justina. During whole treatment she explained every procedure very clearly and reassured me when I had doubts. I recommend this doctor to all my friends. Good luck with your work!


I am very happy with these dentists for providing prosthetic treatment to my mom and now she can live happily. Thank you for quality work.


Great clinic, staff, service quality. I am very grateful to everyone who took care of my son's teeth. You can be an example of good client service. I will definitely recommend you to others. Good luck with your work, colleagues :)

Jurgita Triuška

Great clinic, staff, service quality. I am very grateful to everyone who took care of my son's teeth. You can be an example of good client service. I will definitely recommend you to others. Good luck with your work, colleagues :)


Love this clinic! Everyone is very professional and helpful! Brigita explained me more than any other person that I went for cleaning before. Vytautas was great and professional with up to day knowledge. I was surprised with modern equipment used in the clinic. This my visit was not planned but definitely not last to this clinic!

Daiva Kalinin

Visits to the dentist always cause stress, probably from the not-so-pleasant memories from my childhood. I'm grateful to doctor Vytautas for high quality dental treatment, patience and willingness to explain the finest details to the patient :) Also thanks to Brigita for perfectly done dental hygiene. A great clinic and wonderful people!

Agnė U.

Actually, I've visited Amicus Dentis by accident, though I live right next door. Hygienist Brigita's provided dental hygiene exceeded all expectations. It was a hard procedure, but it was worth now – now I'm not scared to smile widely :) Doctor Justina proved that filling cavities is nothing scary. I just had to dedicate some time to it. I'll heartily recommend this clinic to my relatives and friends!


Dental hygienist Brigita Šinkūnienė is lovely; she takes care to explain everything; the visit was very pleasant. Thank you!


I'd like to thank Marija for changing my outdated and silly attitude towards oral hygiene! Brigita deserves a gold medal for cleaning my teeth and giving me a hard time for not taking care of my teeth; after many years my gums don't bleed any more (by the way, another doctor recommended an extensive, very painful cleaning for almost 1000 Lt!!!!). I'd like to thank Raimundas for removing 3 molars while I nodded off for a while! I thank Vytautas for taking care of my cavities while I slumbered in your comfy chair! And not least I'd like to thank Margarita, who is already drawing plans so that my teeth would be even and I could enjoy a brilliant smile!

Marius Sakalinskas

I've stumbled upon Amicus Dentis clinic by accident searching for the best value and convenient location. The first visit was a bit scary (I'm terrified of dentists); afterwards, the fear was gone: I was greeted by the pleasant smile of the administrator, doctors are professional and know their jobs very well, and the cosy environment comforts and builds trust. I gladly recommend this clinic to friends and acquaintances.

Valda Karnickaitė

We found out about this clinic by accident while looking for someone to take care of our four-year-old's teeth. We were pleasantly surprised by Vytautas and Brigita's attention to the child, the communication, professionalism and child's psychological training for the treatment. Discovery of the year. Super :)

Indrė Š.

I've had many problems with my teeth; many teeth needed prosthetic treatment, but I'm living abroad and was afraid managing everything would be troublesome. Now the treatment is complete and finally my smile is beautiful. Mainly I visited Justina, but received treatment from Raimundas and Brigita as well. I would like to thank you all for your work, for writing when I was away to ask how I felt, whether I was in any pain. I felt really special.

Natalija K.

I like how hygienist Brigita explains everything patiently. Up to now, no one explains how to look after my teeth in such detail. And the staff always welcomes and sees off warmly! Thank you!

Alesia R.

At first I was upset how painful hygiene was done by Brigita; certainly a lot more painful than elsewhere! Then Brigita explained how it is easy to clean teeth haphazardly, but it wouldn't achieve the goal of removing all calculus. I wasn't convinced at first, but later on my gums stopped bleeding; they have been bleeding my whole life! Thank you for that.

Sergej B.

Visits to Amicus Dentis have now become a habit, instead of being the nightmare of the month :) Here, I was treated by forward-thinking professionals with up-to-date knowledge and modern equipment!

Jurga Valančiūtė

First, I would like to thank Vytautas, Margarita and Brigita for the treatment I was very satisfied with. I am also very happy to visit the clinic with the lovely administrator Marija greeting me and also asking about my day. I finally got rid of my fear of dentists here. Thank you :)

E. K.