Dental implants

Dental implants are the best solution

Dental implants are a new era in the history of dentistry. If you have lost one or several teeth and are constantly feeling discomfort, or if you are tired of uncomfortable removable dentures, implants are a great solution.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a titanium screw that is very carefully inserted into the bone and acts as a support for one or several teeth. In the beginning 1950s scientists discovered that the metal titanium tends to closely bind to bone tissue. This process when the bone grows over the surface of a titanium implant was called osseointegration. After exhaustive long-term studies, dental implants (titanium cylinders inserted into the bone, like a simple screw inserted into a wooden plank) were developed. Furthermore, dental implants are also used to ensure the retention and stability of removable dentures in the mouth. Therefore, dental implants are the optimal solution for lost teeth. They look like natural teeth, are aesthetically pleasing and perfectly restore the chewing function.

Why should I choose dental implants?

If you have lost one or several teeth, you know very well how unpleasant that is. After losing teeth, many patients avoid smiling and have difficulty chewing food. In these cases, dentists can offer fixed partial dentures (bridges), partial and full removable dentures, but these options have many downsides. For bridgework, adjacent teeth need preparing (grinding). Partial and full dentures sometimes are unstable, impede speech, and cause pain or discomfort. Another problem that occurs over time after tooth loss is loss of jaw bone. If over years a significant amount of bone is lost, additional procedures are needed before implant placement. Therefore, it is best not to postpone implant placement after tooth extraction.

What is the treatment process?

It depends on the situation; it is best to place the implant during the tooth extraction visit, or after 3 to 4 months post extraction. Implant placement is usually done in two stages.

Stage 1:

Local anesthesia is performed and the implant is inserted into the bone. Sometimes sedation is performed so that the patient would feel calm and relaxed. Implant placement is a precise and gentle surgical procedure. It takes less than an hour and is a lot easier to endure, compared to tooth extraction. After the surgery we need to wait for the bone to fuse to the implant (it usually takes 3 months, if the implant is placed in the lower jaw, and 4 months in the upper jaw). During this period, the patient is not left without a tooth. Temporary “teeth” are made to improve function and aesthetics; they also allow the fusion process between the implant and the bone.

Stage 2:

A new “tooth” is fixed to the implant in the bone. In exceptionally favorable cases, permanent “teeth” can be made in several weeks, or even the next day after implant placement.

What are the main advantages of implant placement?

Dental implants are an effective, safe and predictable solution to restore lost teeth. Our patients usually mention the following advantages:

• Implants look and work just like natural teeth

• Improved appetite and sense of taste

• Improved appearance, chewing does not cause discomfort, does not irritate the gums

• Improved quality of life, people feel younger

• Another very important advantage - reduced bone loss or no bone loss, which usually occurs after tooth loss.

Is the treatment successful?

Implant dentistry is a successful and well-researched treatment method. More than 90% of modern implants work for more than 10 years. Implants fuse to the bone tissue very securely. However, it is important to remember that they require constant care, just like natural teeth. If implants are neglected, it may cause gum inflammation and bone resorption. Usually, patients are recommended regular visits to the dental hygienist, who advises on proper dental implant care.

Implants in our clinic

During the first consultation visit we will do the required exams, recommend the best treatment plan for you, which you will be able to see in the visualization made in the Open Dental software. Dental implants in Amicus Dentis clinic are placed by very experienced professionals. We place Straumann (Switzerland) and MegaGen (South Korea) implants.

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