Erika Mažeikė

Pediatric dentist

Doctor Erika can no longer image daily work without children’s smiles and stories about the “inhabitants” of their teeth, and she chose pediatric dentistry in order to raise a generation of children with no problems with their dental health. It is a difficult, but meaningful work, which is achievable with continuous effort. For this reason, doctor pays special attention to prevention of dental diseases to maintain healthy teeth and avoid dental treatment completely. She treats damaged teeth using restorative materials and crowns. In her work, dr. Erika focuses on two issues most important to her: the patient’s comfort during the procedure and the best possible long-term treatment outcome. She can achieve these goals through her knowledge of child psychology, using magnification at work and constant professional development.


1995–2007: Ylakiai secondary school, diploma cum laude.

2007–2012: Qualification of general dental practitioner, Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Dentistry.

2014–2017: Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Residency in Pediatric dentistry.


From 2012 onwards: Member, Lithuanian Dental Chamber.


Doctor Erika regularly attends conferences in Lithuania and abroad, also reads lectures for colleagues and parents about children’s oral health.

She has done an internship in Germany, attended hands-on courses in The Netherlands.

She is fluent in English.

In 2019 she read a lecture in the Lithuanian Lactation and Breastfeeding Consultants Association seminar “Oral health and motor ability for successful breastfeeding” on the topic of “Upper lip tie and tongue tie”.

Practical diagnostic advice and new trends in treatment, „Richard Baxter Tongue tie academy“ lecture course

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