Raimonda Marčiulynaitė-Ustilienė


Doctor Raimonda has always been interested in biology and modern technology. She has implemented these interests by choosing endodontics as her work subject. Doctor uses a modern Zeiss microscope and analyzes results using highest-quality digital X-rays. She claims that the biggest joy is recognizing miracles in simple things and constant pursuit of improvement.


1989–2001: Prienai Žiburio high school.

1997–2001: Birštonas art school, fine arts.

2001–2006: Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, qualification of general dental practitioner.

2008–2010: Mykolas Romeris University, master's degree in public healthcare administration.

2014–2017: Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, residency in endodontics.


From 2006 onwards: Member, Lithuanian Dental Chamber.

From 2009 onwards: Member, Lithuanian Society of Endodontology.


Doctor publishes articles in scientific journals, attends seminars, courses and international conferences.

She is also fluent in English and Russian.

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