Vytautas Tamošiūnas

General dental practitioner (implants, prosthetics)

Doctor Vytautas has extensive experience working in Lithuania and abroad. The doctor performs implant placement, bone augmentation, sinus lifts, laser surgery procedures. He also has extensive tooth prosthetics experience.

He claims that there is no limit to perfection, therefore he tries to constantly improve by trying to achieve the best results and increase patient comfort. The doctor performs more complex procedures under anesthesia together with an anesthetist. He does high-precision work using Surgical Acuity 3x magnifying loupes.


1990–1995: Kaunas Saulės high school.

1995–2000: Kaunas Medical university, Faculty of Dentistry.

2001–2004: Postgraduate studies, Vilnius University Žalgirio clinic. Secondary residency. During studies his specialty was preventive dentistry, preventive measure choice and effective application, and evaluation of personal risk factors.

2004-2009: postgraduate studies, Manchester University. Work subject: Treatment strategy of carious teeth using solution analysis.

Professional practice and experience

2002–2004: Senior editor, dental journal “Stominfo”.

2001–2003: General dental practitioner, VRM II regiment.

2003–2004: E. Mileris dental clinic.

2004–2008: General dental practitioner in Great Britain.

2008–2010: Walton Hall Dental Practice, Liverpool; owner, clinician.

From 2010 onwards: V. Tamošiūnas and J. Jakutienė dental clinic Amicus Dentis.


From 2004 onwards: Member, Lithuanian Dental Chamber.

From 2010 onwards: Member, International Association for Dental Research.


Dr. Vytautas Tamošiūnas regularly attends seminars and conferences in Lithuania and abroad. Every year he devotes at least 50 hours of his free time for professional development. In order to keep up with advances in dentistry, subscribes to the British Dental Journal and the Journal of Dental Research.

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